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Allweld Orchard Ladders


Orchard Ladders - Increasing safety, speed & comfort


Bridge Aluminium has been servicing the Australian fruit picking industry for over 25 years fabricating heavy duty aluminium orchard ladders.

Bridge Aluminium has refined and developed their aluminium Tripod Ladder to meet the extreme demands required by the orchard industry.

Fully welded from high grade 6060 T5 MF grade aluminium, the ladders are extremely stable, lightweight and manoeuvrable.  This increases picker's safety, comfort and productivity.

-Design features such as a wider than standard base, foot spikes, and three legs, gives the tripod ladder excellent stability.
-The single rear leg enables pickers to position closer into trees.
-Steps are 80mm wide with non slip grooves maximising picking safety and comfort.  Steps are fully welded inside and out.
-The tripod ladder is load rated to 150kg and is suitable for apple, mandarin, cherry, fig, apricot, mango, peach, pear & custard apple orchards.

Bridge Aluminium has also developed a range of Picking Stools.

An aluminium checkerplate platform measuring 300mm x 370mm with a steady rail on the front, provides an extremely safe and strong working surface for pickers.
Foot spikes provide good purchase on the ground and a two step picking stool increases working height by 600mm.

Allweld Banana Ladders are made and available from 5 steps through to 12 steps (1.5m to 3.6m).



Tripod Ladder
Tripod Ladder - TR21p
Tripod Ladder
Allweld Tripod Ladder - TR21f
Picking Stool
Picking Stool - PS06

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